Alan De Back

Learning & Communications


What I do…


With almost twenty years of experience in developing and providing learning solutions, I offer a flexible, customized approach to your organization’s learning needs.  I facilitate interactive and practical sessions, with an emphasis on development and application of skills that your employees can use back on the job. 


Here’s how I’ve been helping clients…

Career Development & Transition


*  Taking Charge of Your Career: A Plan for Your Development

*  Coping with Career Transition

*  Job Search Strategies for Tough Times

*  Job Search Tools

*  Interviewing Skills


*  Individual Career Counseling/Coaching

Communication Skills

(In Association with IWCC Training in Communications)


Business Writing: Writing to Today’s Business Reader

*  Presenting to Groups

*  Executive-Ready Presentations

*  Scientific Presentations

*  Communicating with Impact

*  Making Meetings Work

*  Facilitating High Impact Learning

Management & Leadership Development

(Qualified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Development Programs & Workshops:

*  Practical Management Skills for the Busy Supervisor

*  Developing Leadership Potential

*  Coaching for Improved Performance

*  Managing Conflict in Your Organization

*  Performance Management

*  Organizing Yourself to Get Ahead

*  Interviewing for the Best Team


My focus…


My focus is ensuring that your organization’s learning and development needs are met, with flexibility and customization.  I am eager to discuss how I can assist in meeting the needs of your organization and its employees.


Alan De Back

Learning & Communications

9152 Bloom Court

Burke, Virginia 22015