Get Hired in a Tough Market

Want that job? 
Then make employers want you! 

Cutting-edge strategies that make you stand out--and blow your competition away!
In an uncertain market, job seekers need to use every tool at their disposal to find the right position. From the pre-work that gets you off on the right foot, to approaching opportunities from multiple fronts, to interviewing and negotiation, career expert Alan De Back reveals the secrets to getting hired fast in a changing marketplace.
You only have one minute to sell yourself
The most important element in your job search is to learn to market yourself successfully. Using the one-minute commercial featured in Get Hired in a Tough Market, you'll learn how to put together an effective, concise, and customizable presentation that gives potential employers all the reasons they need to hire you.
Filled with worksheets, templates, checklists, and examples to provide leadership and support along the way, Get Hired in a Tough Market shows you:
  • How to match your skills to those desired by employers--without going back to school
  • Where to look for contacts you didn't even know you had
  • How to properly leverage social networks--so your efforts won't backfire
  • How to pitch yourself to potential employers so they'll never forget you
You'll learn the best ways to network, pursue leads, and make things happen! With the hard-won wisdom in this indispensable guide, you're sure to be the next one hired--and an asset to your new team.